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Our Purpose of Existence

deZengo2010-07-05 04:31:37 +0000 #1
I read another post that asked that question. What is our purpose of existence and I prayerfully submit my thoughts and ask that others join in, as our sharing knowledge, wisdom, thoughts etc... expands our minds and spirits.

In my youth, I lived for everyone else. As a child, I obeyed the rules of my parents - with no thought to their validity, just obey because if I did not I would be punished.

As an adolescent I began questioning everything and everyone. I wanted to know why they believed as they did. Especially where "organized religion" was concerned. I still do not understand, how anyone who believes in any higher being can hate another because they do not believe the same. My conclusion was power = money = power. The more converts they have, the more money they have, the more they can spread, dominate and conquer. I also believe many do not wish us the ability to communicate directly. Hence we go to a priest to repent or a pastor to ask for babtism. Not that any of this is wrong, per say, but how can there only be one way to "truth?"

As an adult, I have begun the process of trying to "unlearn" to "relearn" what is truth. To listen to my inner voice (as I mention often, exploring self). I believe our purpose is to realize what being a human means. We are not perfect. When the mind / body connection begins to be discovered amazing things begin to happen. When we break everything down -- and learn to love ourself -- we also in turn learn how to love others.

I believe Love is the Answer. Learning to accept and love other humans no matter what their level of growth. Realizing that most of us, are still in our spiritual infancy, but have the ability to exponentially speed the process up when we listen to our voice. By giving to others, I have recieved more. By loving - I have recieved love when I needed it. I believe we are here to gain lessons, share experiences and delicately enjoy all the blessings that life offers.

Mukunda2010-07-05 04:40:08 +0000 #2
Your reflections are lovely. YOu will find more like minded commentaries on the Spirit's Path forum not here where topics are more related to physical than spiritual health. namaste mukunda
deZengo2010-07-05 04:58:04 +0000 #3
I think I misinterpreted the Q&A section as the one that you responded to. That is not to say that I do not appreciate, enjoy and learn from all - rather that I wanted your feedback also.

Thank you for your input.



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