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Hi, Im new and would like some advise with my back injuries

DavidJ2010-07-05 15:04:29 +0000 #1
Hello! Im excited to join the site. I have major issues with my back. I was an athlete my whole life, im 6"3' and I weigh 226lbs. I was in a car accident almost 2 yrs ago, but prior to that I did have l4 disk issues. Long story short, Im 33 yrs old, I have a broken bone in my S1, a ruptured disk at L5, herniated disk at L4. I have arthitis in my spine and a condition called spondylolesis, (long word, lol). I have been through MANY series of physical therapy and no longer am I able to visit the chiro, due to the broken bone, which could do perm nerve damage if moved too much. SO, I do not want to get the spinal fusion operation along with them shaving down the disks, and replacing them to relieve the nerve roots that are being pushed on.

Would acupuntcure and SOME yoga help strengthen my core without too much pressure on the broken bone? Im not looking for any "accountable" advise, i totally understand this is purely for conversation and NOT to be taken as "what i'll do" type info....Just asking around for others who may have gone through this type of situation....Even the neurosurgeon said "i feel sorry for ya"...Jees, thanks there bud!

I have been involved in the Healthcare Industry for years, so I understand from a business standpoint, it's a money making operation. I just want to explore my options and ANY feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!! Im a VERY positive person, so i know that is helping me deal with this whole situation!



Trinity2010-07-05 15:10:17 +0000 #2

Yoga can help people in many different ways mental, physical and spiritual. If you are interested in exploring this option I would recommend Restorative yoga or private one to one sessions with a Yoga Therapist. Restorative yoga is becoming more popular for treating chronic conditions and is available more readily now. Both of these option would be a gentle approach and a great place to start.

DavidJ2010-07-05 15:48:17 +0000 #3
Hi Anna,

Thanks for the reply. I am looking into some alternative options. The operation would cost me more than $40k and thats WITH insurance...20% of inpatient fees Im responsible for with my insurance! crazy, right?

But, i will look into this type of yoga. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I was told some of the yoga positions would NOT be safe for me, so i think working one on one is the best situation for me..

have a good weekend!




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