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Piriformis Syndrome and Sciatica

timfm2010-07-05 16:31:33 +0000 #1
Hi Mukunda,

My pain level has gone from 10+ to around 8 over the past six weeks of consistent SYT as well as other modalitites (medicated [bala-ashwagahnda] oil bath, self applied trigger point massage, acupressure, breathwork, meditation, affirmations, mudras, etc.). For thoose interested in verbose history see:

You've recommended JFS (with variations), toning of the Glutes and External Rotators, and stretching the adductors for this/my condition until pain level is below "4" (on 1-10 scale). You also suggest not stetching the glutes or piriformis at all until getting to a lower pain level.

My question is about counterposes. Since I'm focusing on mainly gentle backbends (sundird, bridge, cobra, locust, camel) -- all with external rotation variations -- and warrior I with affected leg back; what about counterposes to these positions like energy freeing and balasana? They both somewhat stretch the glutes no? Should they be avoided at this time?

Also, what movements stretch the adductors: bound angle, reclining bound angle, warrior 2?





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