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yoga dvd?

susile2010-07-05 06:35:21 +0000 #1
Hello all,

Does anyone use the yoga DVDs by Lilias? Either the yoga 101 workout- Props and poses, or the Complete yoga fitess beginners? I would like to buy one for my mom for the holidays because I know she used to love doing yoga in the 1970s to Lilias on PBS, but it's been YEARS since she's done yoga. Can anyone tell me what levels they are (are they really for beginners?) and what props are used in the props and poses DVD? Thanks very much!
deZengo2010-07-05 06:37:43 +0000 #2
I can't to see the feedback you get on this. I am currently looking for DVD's - and honest evaluations as to their degree of difficulty. I have used several from "Gaim" and each has its merits -- but I have not found one as physcially demanding as that from Steve Ross (Oxygen - Inhale).



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