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Dilema - Which Yoga 4 Life

deZengo2010-07-05 04:18:17 +0000 #1

I was introduced to Yoga two years ago. My lessons were in Hatha, Raja, Vinyassa, Ashtanga and Iyengar. And I am sure there are merits to each practice and the principles they utilize.

One year into my practice I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer - had an emergency massectomy, adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation treatments. During that time, I continued my Yoga practice -- working through physical and mental challenges/pain!

I am in a much stronger, content place now and am ready to attempt to focus my practice and would like direction on which one could have the most benefit for the developmental stage that I am at (Physically & Mentally).

Physically my body has adapted well and allows me to continually push forward to new limits, within the poses I am able to do. Also, challenging myself to attempt those I can't currently accomplish. I have, at least established the connection between my mind and body and have had some success with it. (I will share the details if specific quantifiable results would help in your assessment).

I have also begun an appreciation of all that is. Meaning, I realize I am no more or less significant than anything that was created. I have been blessed with moments of (for lack of a better explanation) communication with animals and most recently dragon flies.

I am working through the loss of love through a painful divorce while battling the cancer. Learning that through the adversity there are so many rewards. Trying to share what I have learned in any way possible -- as others have been great inspirations to me in my own growth and evolution.

For almost two years I have been celibate. I have came to realize that in this season, even though at first I was resentful & fearful, comes great joy and oneness! For the first time in my life I have begun exploring my relationship with "self," learning to love myself has allowed me to begin understanding how to love others.

I would like to know, if you have any thoughts regarding what Yoga Practice could further enhance my growth in my spiritual walk, as well as the physical and mental benefits.

-- namaste and blessings

Nani2010-07-05 04:27:09 +0000 #2
Dear deZengo,

Thank you for sharing your story! It is a great and inspiring example how yoga can help us deal with the ever changing material world, where all things have a beginning and an end (e.g the end of a relationship) or dealing with a disease.

"Yoga is known from Yoga" Keep practicing. When choosing a yoga style, that is right for you right now, follow your heart. Try different styles and choose the one that connects most with you most, that brings you joy.

There are yoga styles focusing on yoga therapy. I can only talk about the style I am practicing: Iyengar. The Iyengar's have a Yoga Hospital in Pune, India, where people get a prescription of asanas for certain ailments. This could be anything: from backpain, cancer to AIDS. That's just one example of yoga therapy, I am sure there are many.

Also, have you tried Pranayama? Pranayama is another great technique for your spiritual journey!

I also enjoy going to yoga lectures held by local yoga teachers, where you can learn about yoga scriptures (e.g the yoga sutras) and discuss the interpretations with other yoga enthusiasts.

Well, those are a few thoughts on how to advance on your yoga path. I only touched on the surface - let me know, if you want to go deeper into any particular topic.

Also, can you elaborate on your communication with the dragon fly? That sounds fascinating!

Love and Light.




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