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Yoga Therapy for life without colon (due to Colitis)

Chance2010-07-05 05:26:21 +0000 #1
What Yoga Asanas and Pranayama would you recommend to someone who was diagnosed Ulcerative Colitis 8 years ago and who had surgical removal of the colon two years ago?

The symptons of Colitis are gone but life without colon means she has to go to the bathroom frequently.


Mukunda2010-07-05 05:34:13 +0000 #2
The main practices i would recommend would be mild forward and backward bends and prolonged inversions and spinal twists. these basic motions are covered in my book. I would not recommend a fast paced, heated, or vigorous program but rather one considered as a Hatha program if taken in class format. also adding plenty of Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation and even doing my tantra lessons which can be done through my website

namaste mukunda
Trinity2010-07-05 05:41:00 +0000 #3

That is a very interesting question as the practicality of doing public classes with ease and comfort while having to duck out to the washroom presents and understandable challenge. Managing a home practise is different though. I would recommend, to begin with or as a balance in a home practise, the Rest and Renew Restorative postures to gain an awareness of movement with ease and to assist the inner body/gut to feel healed. From there a specifically tailored personal program including a variety of the classic postural groupings makes sense with added emphasis to gentle inversions and twists for enhanced inner abdominal circulation. I hope that is a beginning point. For more specifics, please write again as needed.




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