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scoliosis in adult woman

Mukunda2010-07-05 05:45:30 +0000 #1
Q - I have read some chapters from your book about Structural Yoga Therapy to try to address my Scoliosis. My scoliosis is pretty similar to the one you describe on chapter 22, page 267; Case Study - Jane. I was also placed In a Milwaukee Brace for about 6 years.

Thank God, I don't have any back pain, but do worry that when I get pregnant it may get worse, but also, it would be wonderful to finally feel aligned!

A - quite the opposite. women who do yoga diligently especially custom desgined for your spine get straighter from pregnancy. i had wonderful experience with this one client lessening her curve from low 40 to low 20 during pregnancy.

Q - I am practicing a sequence of exercises based on your recommendations and feel the improvement already.

Unfortunately, I no longer live in the States so I can't come to your center at this time. I was wondering if you had trained somebody in Spain that I can go visit. Otherwise, I plan to spend the holidays with my family in Florida and would love to visit one of your centers or contact somebody you have trained that lives in the area to ensure that the program that I am following is accurate and to check if I am doing the asanas correctly.

A - no one in europe has training one is beginning end of this month in london. plans are developing for a program to come to Spain but will only be intro. not a full training. All graduates are listed on my website under SYT Certified Graduates -

Q - I strongly believe that I am benefiting from these postures and would truly like for my back to be at its optimal. With your help, I believe I can achieve this. I truly appreciate any information/recommendation you can provide.

A - see my website for papers on scoliosis are being posted on SYT Paper page. 3 more due out by early next year one or 2 posted there now. also search this site for the topic scoliosis. namaste



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