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Death of a son

Mukunda2010-07-05 07:12:57 +0000 #1
A - When such tragedies occur repeatedly there can be no answer given that will satisfy your mind but nonetheless it is my duty as a yogi spiritual mentor to do my best to answer these questions. The best answer cannot come from a belief or philosophy or one who is an authority. The only answer can come from direct experience of what is death and the pursuit of spiritual life as a direct experience of the personal meaning of your life. I will tell you what has helped me deal with the tragedies that I have faced. Twelve years ago I led the funeral ritual for my younger sister who passed after years of battling cancer; last fall I did the same for my father who drowned.

These events have served to deepen my spiritual quest and to seek to be of service to others from what has been given to me so freely from that path.

There is a movie out now called Zen Noir that is a beautiful story of dealing with loss and finding peace. I highly recommend seeing it more than once as it is short and poignant.

For deeper seeking the most significant spiritual book I have found is Vasistha’s Yoga, translation by Swami Venkatesananda published by SUNY. It is rich with stories that help to drive home the point of eternal life is all there is. Some recent lines I read include -

There are accounts of people recalling events in their past lives. Surely they did not die!

I have personally been blessed with leaving my body the first time I did yoga in 1969. I hovered above my body for quite a long time and from that I knew that I am not the physical body but pure consciousness, which is no different from the mind. This reoccurred many times until the experiences knowledge was stabilized for me. My father had a near death experience when he died for 15 minutes on the operating table. He entered a tunnel of light that was bliss beyond any human experience he had. My father recounted that he did not want to come back, but that the doctors pulled him away from this ever expanding light of joy. Surely you have read of such events from the sounds of your letter in describing the great soul. There is no difference between soul, consciousness, and spirit. But from the human body awareness there is a difference. That is the paradox that can only be removed by study of spiritual literature and spending time with great souls who have been stabilized in this spiritual knowingness.

Consciousness does not go anywhere upon death, anymore than consciousness does not go anywhere when we travel. We go to some place but when we look we see that wherever we go there we are. The place only matters to geography, and that is no different from Paris to Boston to astral realms. It is all the space of consciousness. When we dream we enter another reality separate and yet the same as this waking reality. Some souls are shocked at death and so they hover around in this astral realm until they get oriented and clear as to where to go. Similarly I went to the hot springs yesterday at Idaho Springs, CO and became dizzy could not orient to where I was as the heat was so intense. Once I got my bearings I remembered where I was and how to move on. It is no different for us after this body dies; consciousness lives on.

About death my guru wrote a lovely small book which may bring some solace. Does Death Really Exist? Swami Muktananda.

Such dialog as we have been having is posted on my alternate website then Spirits path. It is searchable so others have had similar dialogues with me and they have shared them there for you and others to read anytime. If you permit me I will copy this there.



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