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nauseous swede needs some help

goldglimmer2010-07-05 09:22:11 +0000 #1
I have been practicing Ashtangayoga since june this year. in the beginning of september when I was practicing yoga I started to feel nauseous and dizzy. After that I was bad for about 1 month. And I started to get better when I went to China where I live for the moment...after two weeks I went to the big Asian yoga conference in Guangzhou, two days after when I was sitting checking my emails I started to feel bad again. now I have not practiced anything for a couple of days but Im nauseous and a little bit dizzy when Im sitting here writing. Yesterday I went to a TCM doctor here in the city that told me that I shouldn´t practice yoga at all for one month(not even meditate or breathing exercices) because he said that my breathing technique is bad. After that I should look after a good teacher that can help me with my breathing. well What is your opinion about this? have anyone had the same experience?
Trinity2010-07-05 09:24:32 +0000 #2

The science of Pranayama is a powerful tool when used properly and equally potent when used improperly or without adequate guidance. It seems that the TCMD has pinpointed that your nervous system/energetic balance is off kilter and a rest would be optimal indeed. The challenge of the Ashtanga yoga approachis that it presents a powerful series of postures combined with a firey type breath to all kinds of people who each have unique constitutions, medical histories, predelictions and lifestyles. Without a one-on-one approach, some people suffer the ill effects of this potent practise instead of the eagerly sought after benefits. Go to our blog here : for a bit more on this subject.

Best regards and may you enjoy the gifts of slowing down.




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