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An overlooked part of yoga?

justwannabe2010-07-05 06:06:30 +0000 #1
Is diet an overlooked part of yoga? I find it interesting that I posted a question about finding a book on yoga diet and no one had a response. I know there are websites that talk about yoga diet but I was hoping someone could direct me to a credible book on it. Yoga is a way of life, the biggest and most important part of yoga is breathing, followed by eating, and yoga postures are lesss important than those two. I have seen very few responses on here from my posts or other posters posts on how diet can hlep out certain issues, lke shyness, depression, anxiety, emtiness etc....

sny thoghts?
yogi_dc2010-07-05 06:16:33 +0000 #2

The only book that I aware of is "Sivananda Companion to Yoga: A Complete Guide to the Physical Postures, Breathing Exercises, Diet, Relaxation and Meditation Techniques of Yoga". I have never read it and done little more than flick through it in the book section of my local yoga studio, but it seems good.

I did a quick lookup on amazon and the ratings are pretty positive.

I hope that helps
Trinity2010-07-05 06:49:36 +0000 #3

I can appreciate the myriad of opinions relating to diet and yoga. The most connected topic comes from the ancient wisdom of the sister science to yoga; that of Ayurveda. The specificity and accuracy is remarkable and very much a lifetime of healing, balance and positive results coming from the profound wisdom of Ayurveda. There are fine schools and books in New Mexico. The best authors are Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Robert Svoboda and David Frawlely.

I've added a link to some other resources on our web site: .

joscmt2010-07-05 07:02:35 +0000 #4
I don't know if there is a specific "yoga diet". But to answer your question, I do believe it is an overlooked part of yoga. When I first started yoga, I was living a very toxic life- overeating, drinking, not sleeping enough, working too hard (it's when the restaurant first opened). I always felt like a fraud doing yoga, so eventually I stopped.

I came back to yoga last year when I decided enough was enough and started to clean up my life. I quit drinking, I quit eating sugar and fried foods (among other stuff)- and essentially started taking care of myself. For me, that's been an essential part of my yoga practice (on and off the mat). So, for me, I think it's more about cleaning up your diet than a specific diet itself.



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