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Osteoarthritis and JFS

Mukunda2010-07-05 08:42:45 +0000 #1
Q - I did want to share one story with you. One of the class participants has a significant degree of osteoarthritis and had been doing a very mild chair yoga which was quite limited. She decided to try the JFS on the floor and to her surprise the first week she was able to do most of it on the mat. She now uses it in the evening before bed and finds it leaves her calm and centered and the quality of her sleep is much enhanced by this asana practice. I know you have seen for yourself how it works for people, but thought you might like to hear about its effects in a setting other than traditional yoga practice. Her’s is the clearest case, but several others have clearly benefited as well. Thanks once again for allowing me to use the JFS in my class.

A - Such a wonderful response. Doing it on the floor is the sign of a vata imbalance getting harmonious. In such cases I would also encourage her to do the Yoni Mudra and receive my Tantra lessons at least up to #3. Anyone can receive who just sends email requesting it. It is also very simple yet potent. Blessings. mukunda



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