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Iliotibial Band - lateral hip

Mukunda2010-07-05 07:10:21 +0000 #1
Q - Hey IT Band question...I have a student with knee pain on the outside of her knee just below the knee cap.

Another student shared his story about having the same pain in the same area that was due to the IT Band.

She can sit in virasana no problem, but can not sit in sukasana. Her hips bother her on a regular basis...she has MS.

I realize that the IT band does attach as low as the area that she is complaining about and considering her hips bothering her the way that they do.

I am just at a loss how to help her! Suggestions?

Let me know...thanks M!

A - Short answer is very few motions stretch IT band examples are standing side bend with subtle hip twist until it reacts or gomukhasana. Better answer is bodywork massage by specialist who knows details of anatomy such as Ridley in Boulder 303-462-2114. Don't forget to do a search here on this site for other Q & A on IT Band. namaste mukunda



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