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Mukunda2010-07-05 08:44:23 +0000 #1
I am submitting a series of Q & A asked to me by a client. Mukunda

Q - I would be grateful if you would give some idea of how much practice it should take at raising my toes to correct my pronated ankles / flat feet (as you advised me to in a class). Have you had clients / students who have entirely corrected their flat feet?

A 2 - Unlikely that this alone will do what you want. Entirely correct no, but improve yes. Bodywork and yoga are needed together. Yoga alone is rarely a cure for complete body transformation.

Q 3 - Also, why do you advise lifting the toes instead of tensing the toes which also seems to strengthen the arch (this is what my Iyengar teacher recommends).

A 3 - The muscles that lift and spread the toes are the tibialis anterior and others. The TA is responsible for creating the arch. It is a question of focusing on anatomical structures and doing what motions they do.

Q 4 - Furthermore, I find that it is the action of raising the big toe that raises the arch. Raising the little toes brings the arch closer to the ground for me - would you agree?

A 4 - Yes if you focus on raising the great toe more that is true, especially when the arch is quite flattened. Overtime you want to raise them evenly to develop symmetry.



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