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Chandra2010-07-05 19:45:58 +0000 #1
Here's some interesting info:

Of the registered users of Yoga Forums (147 registered members):

14 Countries are represented

All continents represented

14 States are represented from US registered users

Only a fraction (maybe 1/3) of registered users actually put location information in.

You are ALL encouraged to participate. This is really a global meeting table to share a common love of yoga. Please feel free to share, opine, add to previous threads or begin new ones under General Yoga Discussion! Favorite quotations from beloved teachers or original poetry from your soul can be shared in the Poetry and Quotations Forum. Specific inquiries into Yoga practice can be directed to Mukunda Stiles in his Q&A forum - a way for many of his students and teachers in training to reach him, and a great archive of subjects. If you have an inquiry about some aspect of yoga, you can use the Search function to see if a post has previously covered this topic.

We hope you enjoy this space for yoga community and feel welcome to add your voice to the discussion.





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