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New to Bikram Yoga

Sadhana2010-07-05 14:32:34 +0000 #1
I began taking a Bikram yoga class about a month ago. I absolutely love what it has done for my mind and body. I thought I'd take the time to share a bit about the road I began when I started doing yoga.

About 2 months ago I was extremely depressed and suicidal. I decided that I needed to made some positive changes to my life. I have a friend who takes bikram yoga and loves it, so with her encouragement, I've started going.

Not only am I feeling physically better, but I am able to better focus now. A couple of the postures (the backwards bending ones) have been surprisingly helpful for my emotions as well... this was a shock to me when I first did them.... and I wasn't expecting the emotional reaction I had to the postures the first few times I did them. I think somehow those poses are helping bring to the surface some of the things that were precursors to my suicidal state a couple months ago. So with the help of meds, my therapist, and yoga.... I'm working twoard healing.... from the inside out.

In addition to this, I have lost 6 pounds over the past month... a *real* accomplishment for me...

I had to take the last week off of class due to being very sick with stomach problems... and too weak to make it thru the class without passing out... but I'm getting better now, and am planning on returning to class tonight...


Nice to meet you all by the way...


Chandra2010-07-05 14:48:20 +0000 #2
Dear Sadhana,

thanks for your post. I am happy to hear that you have had a positive response to the yoga classes you have been attending. I don't have experience taking a Bikram class, but know a bit about the style. Being an easily overheated type, I hesitate to practice asana in a heated room and stick to a more cooling practice for myself.

Am curious to hear if you have tried other yoga approaches before embarking on the Bikram class?

Your openness to experiencing your inner landscape during the practice of asana is a wonderful doorway. Wishing you much success as you explore.





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