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Starting out delete8522010-07-05 20:44
Hi, due to recommendation of a friend I decided to start some kind of yoga, (or at least looking at
Meditation & FMS Francis2010-07-05 20:59
I have been meditating since 1979. I can't say i praticed it religiously. But i'm reasonably serious
Im 13 years old, and need some tips..please:) bebigurl2010-07-05 15:21
Hi, ok i am 13 years old and i heard that yoga canhelp you alot with school, and just overall life i
Yoga music, yoga classes in NE Philadelphia oksanagl2010-07-05 19:11
Hi! Would anyone happen to know a good yoga class in Northeast Philadelphia? Also, are there a
Looking To Become More Flexible AnneMarie2010-07-05 19:49
I'm 18 and am starting a new workout routine. It is consisting of running, and weight lifting. I
The yoga sutras of Patanjali patanjali2010-07-05 17:02
I'd like to know where could be found thе text considered as original,also when and where has been d
Taoist yoga/sacred dance in Wales Ya Hui2010-07-05 15:22
hello everyone i am taiwanese lady now live in Wales and Toulouse , a practitioner and teacher of
Hello Zaphod2010-07-05 18:11
There doesn't appear to be any welcome forum here, so hello everyone!
How should it feel? corj2010-07-05 15:11
Have been contemplating Yoga for years & finally started this week with some highly recommended tape
Medicine and Yoga bouncy2010-07-05 15:09
Hi! I'm new to the forum and 1 month into yoga. I was wondering if everyone could help me. I will
Yama and Niyama - comments? Preeti2010-07-05 17:17
Like most new and enthusiastic yogis - really loving the effects of yoga on stress and flexibility
What has yoga done for you? Anonymous2010-07-05 16:37
I've been practicing yoga for about a year and a half now. I know that I love the feeling I get duri
Hello, my name is Moti, it's great to visit your forum. I always wondered what happen to the Har
Darwinism Extinct Moti2010-07-05 16:23
Hello, my name is Moti, it's great to visit your forum. The following is a sample of a brilliant cri
Reincarnation and Beyond Moti2010-07-05 14:35
Reincarnation and Beyond In August of 1976, Srila Prabhupada spent a few weeks at Bhaktivedan
THE PEACE FORMULA Moti2010-07-05 14:29
Hello, my name is Moti, it's great to visit your forum. There's not much peace in the world at the m
injuries and yoga cloudyday2010-07-05 16:19
If I have pes bursitis in my knee and am restricted from major activity (running, sports), should I
Duodenal Ulcer and Yoga Saifi4u2010-07-05 14:26
Hi All, Can anyone please let me know the asanas that i can practice though i have duodenal ulcer
Snap, Crackle, Pop witheyeswide2010-07-05 17:34
Almost every time I change possitions during a yoga session, a part of my body tends to "crack" or "
inflexible knees and hamstrings? fiona4ever2010-07-05 15:28
I have been doing yoga on and off for a year, but have recently become devoted to it over the past 2
enough for weight loss? sian_cb2010-07-05 15:29
if i do 30 minutes of cardio, and a power yoga tape that is 50 minutes long, is this enough to achie
yoga to tone my body? destiny2010-07-05 15:02
i was curious if anyone had noticed that yoga was toning their body. i have tried weight training in
What works better than Coffee? ...And some other questions. Anonymous2010-07-05 15:49
I usually can only grab about 6-7 hours of sleep a night and I can't really increase this. I often w
new yoga research and education center website yrec2010-07-05 15:08
Hello Yoga practitioners, Yoga Research and Education Center has launched its new web portal at
please help: i'm looking for Yogeswar's book mequal2010-07-05 13:59
please help: i'm looking for Yogeswar's book - Textbook Of Yoga. Any format would be good, new or ol
New to Yoga magicfox2010-07-05 13:33
Hi, I'm new to Yoga, been studying it for a short while. Came across this forum so I'm hopeful that
yoga and meditation jim2010-07-05 14:26
Hello, I was wondering if Hatha yoga works well with Zen (mindfulness) meditation. Will it a
Oligospermia auzi2010-07-05 14:58
Hi all, I am new to this forum , I have seen so many questions here and also the brief answers r
book of Yoga for Office Workers sirie2010-07-05 14:19
Hi there, I am writing a book for office workers, (desk and computer bound folks) to bring to them s
yoga and spirituality jim2010-07-05 13:42
Hello, I am most interested in the spiritual aspect of yoga. Is Hatha yoga considered to be
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